Tips from a Garage Door Installations Company on Maintaining Doors in the Summer

Modern day’s garage doors are built to last anywhere from 15 to 20 years; however, like any other equipment within one’s home, it has to be regularly maintained in order to maximize its lifespan. We, at A-Bald Overhead based in Houston, TX, have provided a few helpful tips to homeowners outside of our region on how to perform a few basic summer maintenance tasks which will not need garage door installations.

Automatic garage door with security alarm

Visually check the hardware for any signs of wear and tear.

Check to see if there are any bent or loose hinges, damaged wheels, bent shafts or worn bearings on the steel rollers, and any misaligned or bent tracks. Tighten up or replace any loose bolts on the door and supports. Check your spring lift cables that they operate smoothly. In material of the age, a garage door must be able to open and shut smoothly. If this is not the case, your spring system could be unbalanced.
Safety Tip – The brackets, pulleys, cables and springs on the base of the door are constantly placed under a great deal of tension and should only be seen by a professional garage door installations expert.

Clean and oil hardware to stop a noisy door.

The simplest job to keep a garage door working smoothly and quietly will only take around a minute. Using a clean rag, remove all grease, debris, and dirt build-up off the track. Lubricate every moving part using 3-in-1oil. Do not use heavy grease or oil. Never lubricate nylon rollers, locks or plastic idler bearings. Use graphite, this will ensure all locks are kept in perfect operational condition.

Wash away grime on door and windows to avoid rusting.

Wash steel or aluminium surfaces using a gentle household detergent, and then rinse using warm water. In coastal environment, use some car wax to the front of a steel door at least twice a year, right after cleaning, this will help maintain its finish.

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