A Garage Door Repair Company That You Can Trust When It Comes to Squeaky Doors

A squeaky door can drive a person nuts, more so when the noise increases over time. A garage door will start to squeak due to the friction placed upon the hinges, this could be down to a lack of lubricant or the doors position may have actually shifted. In most cases, a squeaky garage door can be repaired very easily; however, if the problem persist, you may need to call a professional garage door repair company.

The easiest fix for squeaky garage doors is by spraying lubricant on the hinges, then simply rub it in using a cloth, and wipe off the excess. Don’t be mean, use a liberal amount to ensure the lubricant gets to all corners of the hinge, and then open and close the door several times, this helps to work in the lubricant. The hinge must be sprayed when the garage door is open, this ensure the entire hinge is covered. in most cases, this resolves the problem on a squeaky door.

In some situations, you might have to remove the pins off the hinges. This is more so with hinges that are covered with paint, as the paint stops the lubricant from going inside. Tap the pin using a screwdriver and hammer, and then cover it with a powdered lubricant, like silicone or graphite, before putting it back onto the hinge. A powdered lubricant lasts longer, reducing the amount of times you will have to remove the pin in the future.

In some severe instances, the garage door may have to be re-hung. In older homes, age is the main culprit, no matter what you do. This problem is also common after small earthquakes. As the alignment is changed, it places more pressure onto the hinges, which will start to squeak.

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