What Are the Different Types of Garage Door Installations?

Garage door springs are wire coils which aid in the lifting and lowering of garage doors. With correctly installed springs, homeowners just need to get their door started by physically moving it, before the springs will take over the job. Automatic garage door openers will do this job for you; however, springs will still do the work of raising and and lowering.

There are 2 kinds of garage door springs, these are extension and torsion springs. They are used with two kinds of garage doors which are swing ups and sectional roll away doors. A roll away will have 2 torsion springs which are found on the top of either side of a door. Swing-up doors have 2 extension springs which are connected upon extended swing-arms found on both sides of the garage door.

These springs are placed beneath tremendous pressure when fully extended and, if failure occurs, the result could be the door hitting a vehicle or person. Sadly, most homeowners are not aware that springs, tracks, rollers, arms and other components of the assembly do need regular safety checks. Corrosion, worn out parts or even loose hardware will create accidents, while badly adjusted springs will make a door hard to lift or the flip side, make it fly out of ones hands.

Springs come in differing lengths in order to fit various sized doors, from single to double garage doors. The amount of tension corresponds to the weight of the actual door. Some doors can weigh close to 400 pounds, so choosing the right springs is vital if you want the door to be safe and to work properly.

Most wonder if changing these springs can be done alone. However, nearly every professional garage door installations expert do emphasize this must be left to the professionals. Those attempting to change a spring may lose control, and end up hurt or even worse.

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