What Are the Different Types of Tracks a Garage Door Repair Company Is Most Likely to Use?

There are two kinds of garage door tracks; however, each one comes with its own variations. The first is a vertical one for overhead doors which raise upwards. Sliding tracks are the second ones, used on doors that slide sideways. The vertical ones differ depending on the kind of door involved.

Vertical track lifts come in three styles. The most common is the lift track. This runs vertically and curves in an upright direction into the garage itself. These can be used on canopy doors and retractable ones. A canopy one swings outward when opened.

These up-and-down lifts are sometimes used in commercial settings as well. In such cases, one part of it is similar to a standard lift track. A second vertical lift track is placed above this first, but reset slightly. This allows space for a spring assembly and adds extra lift strength, which allows heavier commercial doors to be used more easily.

The third kind is a high lift system. These are seen mostly in residential settings that have higher ceiling heights in a garage. This uses a mixture of the standard and vertical lift system. With high lifts, a vertical track will be connected to a shorter horizontal one and then connected to a second vertical track.

Sliding garage doors come with two horizontal tracks, one placed above and one on the base of the garage door. These are for panel doors that have hinges, which enables them to bend or fold onto the side of the garage. Doors that run on sliding tracks will not put any extra weight onto the garage’s ceiling.

Roller doors only need just one vertical track. They are made using horizontal sections, which roll up within a drum assembly. The door will be stored above a garage opening and will not take up any space within the garage area itself. All the above will need the care and installation of a professional garage door repair company. Homeowners should never attempt to do any repairs or installations by themselves because it could be dangerous, especially if you don’t know what you are doing

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