The Many Benefits of Hiring an Overhead Door Service Provider

As an experienced technician in garage door installation and repair, I strongly recommend a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance program for both commercial and residential overhead garage doors. By doing so, you can decrease costly downtime and avoid the need for frequent repairs. However, it is extremely important that you hire a reliable and trustworthy overhead door service provider for the job.

What does a garage door preventive maintenance plan entails?

Preventive maintenance is a regularly performed process that focuses on keeping your garage door in good condition at all times. In other words, it addresses potential problems. Among the most important parts of a preventive maintenance plan are:

  • making sure that all fasteners and bolts are properly tightened
  • cleaning all the tracks of obstructions, dirt, and debris
  • lubricating moving parts
  • making sure that all components operate as they should
  • maintaining the functionality of hinge points, bottom seals, and roller assembly
  • making sure that the counterbalance system is working as intended
  • checking the torsion springs, cable, drum, and set screws for any damage

Why you should schedule a professional garage door preventive maintenance plan?

Obviously, the main reason why you should hire an overhead door service provider is to ensure the proper functionality of your doors. Garage doors are composed of many elements that can be under high spring pressure. Over time, these elements may get loose, develop problems, or become unsafe. A preventive maintenance plan addresses all these problems ahead of time so that your garage door will never get a chance to malfunction. Aside from checking the condition of all your door’s components, a true professional also performs certain adjustments so that your door will work smoothly and efficiently.

There are many overhead door service providers out there, but not all of them are as reliable as you may think. Hiring a novice technician will only prove to be a waste of time and money, as your door will continue to develop problems. So, if you want to get the most out of your overhead garage doors, then hire a true professional such as Houston A-Bald Overhead. We have many years of experience in the business and numerous satisfies clients. Call us at (281) 701-0207 if you reside in Houston, TX and are in need of a true garage door service provider.