Garage Door Installations: What Could Cause a Door to Come off Its Tracks?

Hopefully, all homeowners realize their garage door is the largest moving item in their abode. This fact alone means one main thing – regular maintenance. If you ignore the warnings many garage door installations contractors make, you will eventually end up with a collapsed garage door. What could be the reasons for such a disaster?

  • You hit your door with your vehicle. Careless driving and parking are among the most typical causes of a door coming off its tracks. Whether you are late for work or you are in a hurry to come home, this situation can happen to anyone. And the result is – crash and a collapsed garage door. When hit by your car, your door will suffer impairment not only to the lower sections but to the whole door system. And the saddest news is you don’t even have to drive fast for this to happen.Professional Garage Door Installations service provider in Houston, TX.

  • The horizontal tracks are not aligned properly. This is the second common cause. Every garage door system has horizontal tracks installed. With an average weight of 225 to 400 lb, you can imagine how easily these misaligned components can lead to such a disaster. So, whenever you notice abnormal behavior, do not delay and call an expert.

  • Rollers are worn or broken. Garage doors have one or two rollers depending on the type. But if the installation is unprofessional or you have chosen a poor-quality door system, those rollers can wear fast. The ignored upkeep, the stress caused by the weight of the door, and a lack of lubrication can result in this problem.

  • One of the lift cables is damaged. This happens less often, but it can happen, specialists warn. The lift cables are located on both sides of a system and wind around a groove in a drum. If for some reason, their alignment is disturbed, the cables won’t be able to wind correctly in the drum leading to breakage.

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