You can’t stay home all the time and when you do get away, you need to think about people breaking into your home. Garage doors are unfortunately a weak spot in your home security scheme so you will have to take necessary steps to make sure the worst doesn’t happen. The first thingĀ  you should do is unplug your garage door opener. If you do not unplug the opener, you might think about investing in a vacation lock console security switch. They disable the opener so in effect is the same thing as unplugging.

A more thorough way of doing the above is to actually throw the breaker switch on the garage door, as an added measure.

Get a heavy duty deadbolt lock. They are just like the kind on the other doors in your house, and they can seriously deter thieves. Install on the frame of the door like regular doors. If your garage door has windows you will want a double bolt lock, is one that you can”t open with your hands.

Finally, get a monitored home alarm system installed. It can be expensive, but really it’s might be the only thing that will keep burglars at bay.