Most people don”t know it, but you garage door is the most vulnerable part or your home from a security point of view. With crime up in the Houston are, it’s something that you should be concerned about.  All new garage doors come with security features build in, but that might not be enough.

  • One thing you might want to do is invest in some high quality padlocks. There are padlocks out there that are made specifically for garage doors.
  • Make sure that the emergency cord cannot be reached. If you have a window on the side of your garage, it is not unheard of for prowlers to use an stick or some other extension to grab it.
  • Garage door openers: if you are really concerned about security, some people will go ahead and buy a a new garage door opener. Garage door manufacturers are constantly improving the security feature of their openers. Buying a new one will assure you have the latest technology behind you. The newest ones change the code with every use.’, ‘Securing your garage door