How to Determine If It’s Time to Call an Expert in Garage Doors Repair

Since your garage door is one of the largest moving parts of your home, you must make sure that it’s kept in good condition at all times. All garage doors require regular maintenance and upkeep; however, most homeowners start paying attention to their garage doors only when there is a problem. Failing to repair your door on time can lead to expensive garage door repair services in the future. So, if you want to save your time, money, and avoid headaches, look for these common signs of garage door failure.

broken springsSlow operation
Your garage door should close and open at a consistent speed. If it doesn’t do so, then you may want to check it before it breaks down completely. There are several things that can make your garage door operate slower than usual: loose electrical connection between the control panel and the door opener, malfunctioning remote opener, dirt and debris on the tracks. Eliminate these possible issues one by one, and you may succeed to fix your door on your own.

Noisy operation
Although all garage doors produce a certain level of noise when operating, anything out of the ordinary should be considered an indication of problems. Check the opener, springs, and tracks. In most cases, applying some lubricant on rusty components may fix the problem. However, if you have a broken spring, then you need to hire an expert in garage doors repair.

In order to operate smoothly and not put additional pressure on the opener, your garage door must be balanced. If your door is closing by itself (sagging), it means that it’s not well-balanced. This usually indicates a problem with the counterweights or spring system. Before you make any repairs on your own, consult a specialist in garage doors repair.

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