A lot of people wonder if they need to have their garage door inspected from time to time. And the answer to that question is Yes. A good rule of thumb is that if it has moving parts, it need to be maintained, and if it needs to be maintained, it’s good to have someone over to look at it at regular intervals.

A garage door tune up is a pretty reasonably priced maintenance project. Most cost about $90 and will include a full lubrication, making sure everything is on its tracks tightening hinges and tracks if they are loose, and making sure the door is generally safe.

One particularly important thing a garage door inspection will include is a test of the springs. They do wear out however, If you live in a very humid climate they can rust prematurely, and in cold climates the freezing and thawing can render them brittle, and therefore dangerous. Should you decide to do your own garage door tune up, you should definitely stay away from the springs.

Remember the garage door is the heaviest thing on your home, and if it falls on you, there can be some serious injury.