Several Things That You Can Do Yourself before Calling for a Professional Garage Door Repair Service

Not being able to take your car out of the garage because your door decides to stop working is not fun, especially when you have to go to work, bring your kids to school, or reach to an important meeting. Normally, you would have to call a garage door repair specialist. However, it may take them a while to arrive. So, what can you do in the meantime? Is there a way to open the door manually? This is a brief guide that will teach you how to troubleshoot small problems with your garage door.

The emergency option

If you’re really in a hurry and you need to open your door as fast as possible, then you need to make use of the system’s emergency feature. Every garage door opener is equipped with a lever which allows you to disconnect the opener from the door. Locate your system’s lever and pull it down. You will notice that your door becomes free of its opener. Lift up your door manually, and then get your car out.

Checking the power

Most garage door problems are power related. Due to all sorts of reasons, your opener may stop receiving electricity. You can tell for sure whether an unit is powered or not by checking the LED lights on the front panel. If none of them are lit up, it means that your system is not receiving energy. Check the breaker box, the outlet, and your opener’s cable. If you can’t see the problem, then perhaps you need to call for a garage door repair specialist. Under no circumstances are you allowed to further pursue this troubleshooting process. When it comes to electrical problems, you should always have a licensed contractor who will come up with a solution.

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