What Are the Most Common Openers Used in Garage Door Installations?

the right garage door for youIf you are fed up with manually opening and closing your garage door, then it’s time to buy an automatic opener. A garage door opener is a device that connects to your garage door and using an electric motor, opens or closes your door automatically. Some openers come with remote controls, while others have number pads. However, before you can purchase an opener for your door, you first need to get familiar with your options. Here are some of the most popular types of opening devices used in garage door installations.

Chain-drive openers

These devices use a chain looped around a rail that lowers or raises the garage door. The chain itself is sturdy and reliable; however, it generates noise when moving. Additionally, since the chain is made of steel, it needs to be lubricated frequently so that it won’t corrode. This being said, the chain-drive openers are very popular in commercial applications. If you’re looking for an option to automatize your commercial or industrial doors, then chain-drive openers will do the trick.

Belt-drive openers

These devices are similar to the chain-drive openers, only that instead of chains they use belts. The belts are usually made of metal-reinforced rubber so that they can hold extreme loads. The main advantage of these openers is that they are quieter than other other mechanisms. However, they are also more expensive. But, if you’re looking for an opener for your residential garage door, then this is the right device for you.

Screw-drive openers

Although they were once very popular, screw-drive openers are used only in special garage door installations these days. These devices are very sturdy and durable. They have a fairly simple mechanism that moves up and down a threaded steel rod, making for a powerful opener. They are usually used in industrial applications.

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