What Are the Different Types of Garage Door Installations Locks?

Garage doors can be heavy sectional doors which are made from various materials, such as wood or steel. These doors are operated using a pulley mechanism, which uses a spring loaded coil in order to support the door’s weight. There are numerous methods that can be implemented for their security, such as door openers, alarms, dead bolts and lock, and you should speak to your garage door installations service for their help and advice.

A lock is a simple security device. This is usually designed with a steel bar that is connected to the frame on the garage door. Many garage doors come with a long steel bar which slot onto either side of a door frame. When this is engaged, the steel bar is installed into holes within the doors frame. This is very similar to a dead bolt on a a standard door.

A steel door offers extra security due to the fact that it is made from much heavier material. This kind of door is extremely hard to get into because of the density of the material. Most of these doors need extra coil springs, in order to support lifting. Because of its extra weight, these doors are almost impossible to raise without the help of these springs.

A garage door opener is a device that enables a garage door to be opened automatically. This also offers more security. A door opener needs a chain or screw-drive in order to open. This will lock the door to a guide rail, which forces the door to lock into position. The only way to raise this is to either unlock the guide rail or use the remote opener.

There are numerous kinds available for garage doors, such as motion detectors combined with video surveillance to basic magnetic latch ones. Choosing an alarm system will greatly depend on budget and the reasons behind wanting an alarm system.

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